Thursday, May 7, 2015

Employers:  Top Ten (10) Reasons to Hire a Mother – Happy Mother’s Day!

When you look at assessing and hiring talent in your organization, below are my top ten reasons for hiring a mother:

1.       Everyday Leadership – Leaders are made and mothers tailor their approaches based on their family and develop their children into productive, responsible adults everyday.  Who is your role model?

2.       Time Management – Managing a household takes a unique skill from planning, leading, innovating, organizing and controlling your children and even your husband.  All this, while most moms go to work - that’s time management.  Do your husband and children need management?   

3.       Handling Conflict – No brainer here…  Valuing differences and keeping the peace in the household can be an everyday occurrence.  I’m just glad mom was there for me…

4.       Sales – Mothers are kings of selling ideas and negotiation.  They understand all generations, know their audience and convince others that their recommended course of action is usually the best idea. 

5.       Planning – No better planners than moms!  Remember that vacation, that family outing, those special dinners…  They manage our schedules and plan events creating memories for our lifetimes.  Who in your family is managing your next family outing?

6.       Communication Who is there when you need to talk with someone?  How many of your decisions were impacted as a result of mom?  Who starts the conversation within the family?  Mothers are the real communicators.

7.       Team Building – In today’s family, the team approach is more evident than ever and each mom plays a huge role providing a mindset based on cooperation and consensus.  They love and believe that each family member is a valuable resource and together they bring out the sum of each family member’s efforts.

8.       Problem Solver – Understanding problems is diverse across all family members.  The mother hears them all and play the largest role in solving them – no matter how small or how large, you trust mom with your problems…

9.       Outreach - Who usually knows what’s wrong before any words are said?  This is an innate ability that I can’t define.  Imagine if you had employees like this in your business….

10.   Never Ending Service – Mother’s service their family all their lives.  It never ends…  Whether you're a new born baby or you're older in life, your mom will always be there for you.

I’m sure there are many more reasons and feel free to comment. 

Now, I’m not saying fathers don’t contribute (see father’s day), but its mother’s day…  Also, many times I believe their skills can get overlooked in the business community.  So, if you believe in moms and what they stand for, they may be the answer in what your business values most…

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