Thursday, April 23, 2015

Texas TACE Conference Presentation - B-Harmony

It was a pleasure to present B-Harmony - Targeting an Industry Segment at the TACE conference in Austin, TX with our partner NE Lakeview, Alamo Colleges.  Below is a summary of our presentation content:

  • Start with trickle down segmentation...  Market - Industry - Customer - Ideal Customer (Where's Waldo)
  • Sales organizations are changing… More specialization, competency and focus (setting appointments, relationship building, need assessments, problem solving, delivering solutions) - "Stand Out" with businesses. 
  • More messaging about them (business), less about you BEFORE you contact them.
  • PC and Mobile websites need to be strategically designed, continuously monitored and improved (more cost effective). A critical tool in attracting your audience! 
  • Integrated Marketing - Traditional and Digital mixology.
  • Buyers are Changing - Inbound Marketing. Content is King, Linking is Queen! 
  • Specific geo-targeting or ground war tactics requires an outbound strategy. You can do this right away!
  • The Flux Capacitor: An Inbound Marketing and Outbound Strategy combined with a rich Lead Capture system will keep your business robust and growing. 

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