Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Salesman (A Poem)

The Salesman

Who is the Salesman? 
One that never gives up - aiming to please.
Someone that you want them to be.
Is it his generous spirit, his will to succeed?
Exceeding all the plans that you believe.

Your high expectation is his inward flight.
That makes the path before him look so bright.
Is it his knowledge or willingness to learn?

Is it his natural instinct to discern?
He’s motivated by results, but does not stop there.
It’s his moral character that is his ultimate care.
Character that can be doomed with deceit, fear and pain.
He can still turn this tragedy into glorious gain.

What other role faces this exercise of power?
That might force the Salesman’s soul to scour.
In creating demand with such sacrifice.
He is compensated for his noble deeds.
But can fall short of your primary need.
Leaving a dead unprofitable game.
That will always be linked to his name.

Never giving up, he will always find comfort in a cause.
His breadth of confidence is his spiritual applause.
As his moral character is tested, but is not flawed.

This is The Salesman, Who never gives up and is aiming to please.

Someone that you should want them to be.

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