Tuesday, November 13, 2012

15 Important Reasons Why Community Colleges Should Be Your Business Training Resource. Anything missing?

15 Important Reasons Why Community Colleges Should Be Your Business Training Resource. Anything missing?

1. Experience - Serves hundreds of businesses and government agencies in the community they serve.
2. Recommendation - 95% of businesses and organizations that employ Community College graduates recommend community college workforce education and training programs.
3. Responsive - Immediate and attentive response to business - employee educational training needs.
4. Accessibility - Access to real-world, high quality subject-matter-instructors (SMI).
5. Diversity - A wide range of SMIs and course programs to fulfill your requirements.
6. Customization - Offer customized training, from selecting the best trainer to co-developing targeted curriculum/content and establishing the best training environment for your employees.
7. Flexibility - Efficient and effective ground-based, online, hybrid and/or blended learning environments.
8. Results – Workforce Performance Tracking and 360 degree improvement practices.
9. Partnerships - Works within a Community College network of over 1200 Community Colleges across the US.
10. Economy - Community College instruction can add millions in annual earnings to their local economy.
11. Loyalty - Community College graduates usually stay in the region and contribute to the local economy.
12. Stability – A proven track record of having successfully worked with small, medium, enterprise businesses and federal, state and local government agencies.
13. Investment (State) - Every tax dollar invested in Community Colleges yield the highest return in the state they reside in.
14. Affordable - Lowest tuition rates and professional certification prices in the US.
15. Recognition – Employees receive regional and local recognition associated with a highly respected community college.

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  1. This is a great summary. I would add "locally vested" as a reason. Many community colleges have been an indispensable part of the economic and social fabric of their communities for fifty years. We are committed to the communities where thetraining occurs.
    -Rod Nunn
    St. Louis Community College