Monday, December 3, 2012

The 6 Major Challenges for College Workforce Organizations

The 6 Major Challenges for College Workforce Organizations:  

Meeting the needs of business has become more complicated and the demand for partnering with business will grow.

The  6 Major Challenges that most College Workforce organizations face on a daily basis are:

1.  Doing more with less - How can you provide need assessments, customize, develop and implement more more new campaigns (Specials, Promotions, etc.), events (Lunch n Learns, Seminars, etc.), and Course Programs that will increase without increasing staff or overhead costs?

2.  Increasing competition - How to you compete with local, national and international competition without running your offerings at a cost that negatively impact the organization's operating margin.

3.  Need for information - How do you gather information about industries and customers so that you can better target them, as well as new customers with similar profiles?

4.  Business Outreach - How do you reach out to business prospects, converting them from interested into leads-and leads into customers?

5.  Partnerships - Who can you trust and how do you develop, monitor and maintain strategic, long term partnerships without jeopardizing your brand in the community?

6.  Cost of doing business - How do you adjust your expense requirements or prices to compensate for a poor economy or an increase in promotion, development and operation costs?

The planning process is essential to meeting these challenges as you transition from a workforce organization of the college to a for-profit based B2B operation.  

Jeff Roth, is a CSS Educational Consultant that enjoys turning problems and ideas into strategic and tactical advantages for our colleges and universities.

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