Friday, August 30, 2013

Business Outreach Tip: STOP Doing the Same Old Things

I saw a blog the other day and after taking a course at a Community College  years ago, I found my copy of Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson.  

It’s a story about two mice and two “little people” who are the size of mice, but who are human and have human brains and emotions. The mice, on the other hand, act like mice – they act on instinct and are always in hot pursuit of cheese.

They're all camped out on Cheese Station C, enjoying their vast supply of cheese.  Until it runs out one day.

The mice, being mice and unemotional, simply put their running shoes on and scurry back into the world, in search of new cheese.

The little people, being unemotional humans, whine and complain.  They yell and huff and puff, "This isn't right" and "We want our cheese back!"

It takes them a long time, but finally one of the of little people gets out into the world, searching for new cheese.  It's not easy, it's discouraging at times, and takes time.  But eventually he finds his new cheese, and it's bigger and a more delicious pile of cheese than he'd ever seen before.

The moral of the story?  Do something different, be persistent and Don't Give Up!

Are YOU Doing Something Different? Or are YOU Doing the Same Old Things?

One of the biggest areas where change is happening is in Higher Education.  Twenty years ago, no one predicted that the Internet would be play a prominent role in enrollments and online learning.  And as little as five years ago, few people anticipated that you could do business using online integrated marketing (SEO, blogs, social media, etc.) generating interests and enrollments in your institutions.

Yet, despite all that, many colleges are still resistent and are doing what their predecessors did years ago, traditional marketing (TV, Print, Radio) with an informational website.

By doing the same old things, will your supply of proverbial "cheese" run out as more students and adult learners build college relationships, via social media and other Information Age avenues?

So do this right now.  Try something new.  It's time for change by adapting to a new generation of learners before your "cheese" runs out!

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