Monday, February 17, 2014

Casting a Vision (Poem)

I had a vision within a dream
Something so powerful it awoke my innovation
In knowing that this would create change
I realized a furious battle could engage
Never wavering, I casted a vision in exchange

Thoughts hung along my vision’s edge
Is there a Mission, a Plan, to get ahead?
Using metaphors and stories to justify
Casting a Vision will take hard work to survive

Then came a visionary man, battle wounded, scared and fatigued
Who saw the same vision and began to believe
Hilt, buried in the past in the depths of his failures
He still ran and snatched it, and with a battle shout
Lifted afresh, telling others to come about

Soon another believed, another believed and another believed
Forming an army with a cause
We started shaping the vision  
A new day of hope, faith and applause

Our vision increased values, loyalty and self-esteem
People are now free to dream
Transforming a visions into personal drive
Casting a Vision, keeps all of us alive

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