Friday, April 26, 2013

Excellent reason to partner... The Learning Strategy!

Excellent reasons to partner, by the Learning Strategy:

 Ask yourself, what are your strengths and how can you overcome your weaknesses?

  • Focus on core training/educational products/services 
  • Target territories that are underserved 
  • Existing sales force are missing key opportunities and specialists can help 
  • Higher activity per sales representative 
  • Speed to market 
  • Reduced turnover costs / turnover management 
  • Lower the cost of new client acquisition 
  • More flexibility in building a sales force 
  • New product launch capability without a long term commitment 
  • More effective prospecting and lead generation effectiveness 
  • Shorter sales cycle 
  • Less discounting 
  • Higher per sale average 
  • More effective management of the sales process 
  • Higher close ratio 
  • Enhanced relationships with prospects and clients 
  • Lower cost per sale 
  • More accurate forecasting 
  • Scalability 
  • Reduce risk of hiring and employing 
  • Save time recruiting and managing / holding accountable sales executives 
  • 100% sales environment 
  • Information / Reporting management

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