Wednesday, August 1, 2012

"Online U"

"Online U"

State sanctioned online-only university would be innovative, but some educators are uneasy...

Isn't this like a government run educational system?  The board consists of educators who represent  universities with very little technological saavy on how online programs can be effectively delivered.  The "fear" educators have is that they don't understand the capabilities of technology and eventually economies of scale, that will preclude those who resist to accept and begin to actively participate in this medium.  There comfort zone is the traditional classroom setting.  In fact the new generation of students are more knowledgeable of the power of interactive video streaming, gaming, social media, blogging, etc. than their educators are.  Let educators do what they do best, teach and don't let a a state board of educators, who probably represent their own university's poorly designed online programs, set the standard for online technology innovation.

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